Reporters For Tomorrrow

Reporters For Tomorrow

Organised in partnership with Development Channel, it brings together and trains aspiring journalists to raise awareness about pressing social issues

Reporters For Tomorrow is a citizen journalism initiative of Leaders For Tomorrow that trains student volunteers in doing journalism for social change. it’s born out of the realisation that journalism has the power to brieng in positive social change and empower people. the initiative combines the power of Journalism and Volunteerism with that of mobile and new media technologies for storytelling 

It’s a joint initiative with development media platform – Development Channel 

Development Channel

We are a mobile technology-based digital innovation initiative.  Supplemented by civic activism and information dissemination using tech innovations, we aim at removing ignorance and involving the public in community service with a larger goal of achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

This is the first of its kind global initiative integrating TECHNOLOGY, INFORMATION and ACTIVISM for achieving the larger goals of educating and empowering the citizens across the world.