LFT Fellowship

Leaders For Tomorrow fellowship is a platform for any youth who is passinate about leading positive change in their society

This one year program gives you the space to work on various social action programs with the youth volunteers while developing and implementing your own ideas under the guidance of a mentor.

"I started the LFT fellowship under the vessel full of doubt but when I got this platform it came with mentoring an hands on experience. I was given guidance and resources to enter the domain of life skills for social change"
Archana nair
LFT Fellow 2011-12
Why you should apply

If you have a passion to lead social change around, the Leaders For Tomorrow offers you a platform to work with thousands of youth and engage with them in organising social action events. Your interests and ideas will be guided by our mentors who will give you direction in planning and executing your ideas

LFT Fellows

What people say?

“The best part about the LFT Fellowship was that it helped me to start thinking without boundaries. It helped me gain the confidence and develop the skills to attempt what I thought impossible. I was given a platform to develop my ideas with the guidance of my mentor and the support of a diverse and vibrant team that has grown to become a family to me. It gave me the opportunity to explore various fields including journalism, marketing, media and many more. The Fellowship helped me expand my thinking horizons while providing me with a platform to implement new ideas.”
Uma Parvathy
2013-14 Fellow
"The Leaders For Tomorrow Fellowship was a turning point in my life. At a time when I was confused like all my classmates about what to study, where to go, my decision to step back and spend one year in this valuable fellowship fetched me rich dividends. It helped me transform my personality- from an average communicator to an ardent speaker, from no experience in development issues to an admission in London School of Economics in M.Sc. in Development Studies. Since the ivy league institutions give priority to aspiring students with work experience in development organizations and fellowships that provide grassroots level exposure, this fellowship was a great advantage. Most importantly the Leaders For Tomorrow fellowship helped me nurture the talents in me making me a compassionate and strong leader."
Anchal Dhar
2009-10 Fellow