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Anti-Drugs Anti-Ragging Campaign ADAR

The number of youth being exposed to substance abuse in our country is increasing by the day. With 75 per cent of Indian homes housing at least one drug user and nearly 55,000 children a day being drawn into a tobacco addition, there is an ever increasing need to take fast and effective action to confront these issues.

With the changing social scenario and influence of media, the fear of misdirected youth and the engagement of youth in criminal offences are ever increasing.

It is with the aim to take a stand and make an impact among the youth in the capital that Leaders For Tomorrow decided to take on the issue of substance abuse and ragging among the youth.

In order to make a sustained impact and ensure that the youth pay heed to the message we send across, we build a team of young leaders who want to stand up against these issues to lead the Anti-Drugs Anti-Ragging (ADAR) Campaign. These youth speak to their peers and engage them in discussing the issues of alcoholism; smoking; drug abuse and ragging that are not discussed about openly and freely.

By engaging college students to lead the campaign, we ensure that the issues are discussed in a way that is appealing to each college student.

Through the years, we have realised that while these issues are identified by the youth as practices to be abstained from, many fail to realize the reasons behind the same, thus making the need for an awareness campaign more necessary.

Hence through the ADAR campaign, Leaders For Tomorrow focuses each year on engaging maximum youth to speak to each other regarding the side-effects of these menaces and why to stay away from them.